Personal Injury and Motor Vehicle Injury services at Spine Nevada

Benefits of Personal Injury and Motor Vehicle Injury | Why Choose the SpineNevada PI / MVI Program | Integrated Care Center | Testimonials

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Benefits of the Personal Injury and Motor Vehicle Injury service at Spine Nevada

— Quick access to SpineNevada’s comprehensive center with multiple specialties under one roof
— Superior imaging capabilities for accurate and timely diagnosis
— Professional and responsive concierge service when it matters most

Why choose the Personal Injury & Motor Vehicle Injury Program?

The goal of the Personal Injury (PI) / Motor Vehicle Injury (MVI) Program at SpineNevada is to expedite the diagnosis and treatment of those with motor vehicle or work related spine, neuro, or orthopedic injuries. Our program provides the following:

injection therapy, reno, sparks, nevada, spine injection, joint injection, platelet rich plasman, STRONG COMMUNICATION: We provide a concierge level of service and understand multiple parties are involved. The PI / MVI Program includes a direct point of contact between all involved parties to ensure the injured individual gets the best possible medical care.

TIMELY CARE: We recognize that motor-vehicle or personal injury may require the musculoskeletal (MSK) and spine care provider to expedite the diagnosis and treatment of the injured person to speed recovery and return to work and activity.

SPECIALIZED PROVIDERS: SpineNevada has the specialized providers and imaging capabilities to diagnose injuries accurately and develop a sequential treatment plan. We are confident our unique service offerings and physicians’ commitment to excellence in patient care will provide added value to both your clients and your practice.

Q) What specialties and services are provided at SpineNevada?

A) SpineNevada’s comprehensive spine and musculoskeletal center includes: fellowship-trained spine neurosurgeons, board-certified physical medicine, pain medicine and radiology physicians along with physical therapists — all working together with a common goal of helping patients return to activity. In addition to internal diagnostics, SpineNevada offers on-site physical therapy gyms and injection suites.

Q) What injuries are diagnosed and treated at SpineNevada

A) SpineNevada takes a comprehensive approach to treating musculoskeletal (hip, knee, calf, ankle, foot, hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow) and spine (back pain and neck pain) injuries.

SpineNevada's Integrated Care Center includes InMotion Diagnostics, Specialty Trained Physicians and Responsive Staff

Specialized diagnostics and treatment for spine, neurological and musculoskeletal injuries

spine and musculoskeletal, extremity, joint MRI

Below are highlights of SpineNevada’s specialties, including the InMotion Diagnostics services:

1) SpineNevada’s musculoskeletal and extremity MRI is called the Esaote O-Scan MRI. O-Scan is the ultimate solution for MRI of the knee, calf, ankle, foot, hand, wrist, forearm and elbow. In contrast to traditional MRI, only the body part to be examined is within the O-Scan magnet.

2) The open and tilting design of SpineNevada’s InMotion MRI, the Esaote G-Scan Brio, is improved and innovative in that the position of the patient becomes an integral part of the outcome of the exam. The InMotion MRI obtains images in both the traditional horizontal position (supine) and tilts to an upright position (weight-bearing) during the same examination. This provides additional diagnostic data to physicians.

3) SpineNevada’s Digital X-Ray technology gives physicians the confidence that their first decision is the right one. The platform also optimizes light channeling to allow high quality images with low x-ray exposure to the patient.

4) SpineNevada also includes Vertebral Motion Analysis (VMA). This diagnostic tool is an updated method of assessing spinal motion compared to the standard flexion/extension bending x-rays that are currently used to assess spinal motion, including instability.

5) The Radiology department is directed by a board-certified and fellowship-trained radiologist, Dr. Stefan Franciosa. SpineNevada includes certified Radiology and MRI technologists.

6) SpineNevada includes Board-certified physical medicine and pain medicine physicians, experienced physical therapists (PT) in addition to on-site PT clinics and injection suites. If surgery is needed, the fellowshp-trained spine neurosurgeons are leaders in outpatient spine surgery and minimally invasive spine techniques.

Testimonials for the Personal Injury / Motor Vehicle Injury program at Spine Nevada

"Spine Nevada provides excellent attention and medical care to our injured clients. The physicians and staff at Spine Nevada are one of the only providers in Northern Nevada who manage the overall care and treatment plans for their paitients. The physicians are very comprehensive, expedite care and diagnostics and advocate for their patients when appropriate, which is difficult to find in this area. The surgeons, pain management physicians and physical therapy department are top notch. They have multiple locations, which makes it easier on our clients as well. We are grateful for the Spine Nevada Team."

— Julie McGrath Throop, Esq., Personal Injury Attorney

"One of the main things we love about Spine Nevada is the amazing communication with the faculty. Amber, who is the Personal Injury Account Coordinator, will always respond within 24 hours, let you know when your client is scheduled, and will always send over an estimate for approval before going forward with treatment.

Another thing we love is that the facility has every doctor / specialty you will need right there, all the way from Physical Therapy and MRI's to Pain Management and MD’s. You can always count on a fast turnover rate when it comes to requesting medical records and billing which we all know is such a pain in the PI world. Overall, our experience with Spine Nevada has been nothing short of amazing and we always look forward to working with them."

— Shelby Jones Office Manager of Stucki Injury Law Firm






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