SpineNevada's Dr. James Lynch presented Keynote at Esaote 3rd Annual International Weight-bearing MRI conference

Dr. James Lynch was a keynote presenter at the Esaote 3rd International Meeting on WEIGHT-BEARING MRI, his presentation was on Competitive Advantages of Weight-Bearing MRI in Surgical Planning.

The Esaote G-Scan Brio is a weight-bearing MRI. This InMotion MRI allows the technology to image you in both the supine (flat on your back) position and the standing position. The MRI table actually rotates from the horizontal position to a vertical position which allows pictures to be taken while the neck and low back are in a weight bearing state. Studies reveal 20-30% larger or more frequent findings with WEIGHT-BEARING INMOTION MRI imaging than traditional non-weight bearing MRI. Learn more about the InMotion MRI, weight-bearing and tiltable here.

Watch the Keynote presentation on the benefits of the weight-bearing MRI for spine and musculoskeletal imaging here.







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