Open InMotion MRI and Extremity MRI at Spine Nevada

weight bearing mri, open, inmotion, tiltable, joints, knee, hips, spine, neck, back

At SpineNevada's offices in Sparks and Reno, we have exclusivity to the region’s only “In-Motion” MRI scanner, the Esaote G-scan Brio and the Extremity O-Scan MRI. This InMotion MRI allows us to image you in both the supine (flat on your back) position and the standing position. The MRI table actually rotates from the horizontal position to a vertical position which allows pictures to be taken while the neck and low back are in a weight bearing state. This potentially demonstrates a disc herniation or “pinched” nerve that might otherwise not be seen with the usual MRI performed only in the lying down position.

SpineNevada’s musculoskeletal and extremity MRI is called the Esaote O-Scan MRI. All Esaote MRI systems have patient comfort at heart and the O-Scan is no exception. O-Scan is the ultimate solution for MRI of the knee, calf, ankle, foot, hand, wrist, forearm and elbow because of the patient experience and high quality imaging.

weight bearing mri, extremity mri, open, inmotion, tiltable, joints, knee, hips, spine, neck, back

Does your back or neck hurt when you are standing or laying down? If you are like most people who experience pain while standing, weight bearing MRI is for you!** In addition, this MRI is open and not like the typical donut-shaped tube. This advanced open architecture MRI scanner can also image many different joints (e.g. hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists and ankles) while also allowing for significant flexibility in positioning of the patient thereby maximizing comfort without sacrificing quality.

Imaging services performed at SpineNevada are read by a board-certified diagnostic radiologist. The SpineNevada Radiology department includes advanced trained radiology technicians led by Dr. Stefan Franciosa, a board-certified and fellowship-trained interventional and diagnostic radiologist.

Many symptoms of pain and discomfort occur or worsen when the human body stands. A conventional MRI in which the person is lying down only may not show the disease or condition causing the particular symptoms. An advantage of the G-scan Brio is that the standing and tilting MRI provides additional views needed by doctors to accurately diagnose musculoskeletal conditions.

The tiltable Esaote G-Force Brio at SpineNevada provides more detail, better accuracy and greater confidence .

With the G-scan Brio you can gain a more complete understanding of the joint under examination. The forces of gravity generate bio-mechanical changes in the human anatomy, so MR imaging in the natural standing position allows you to obtain extra details which would not normally be seen.

How can SpineNevada's Open and Weight-bearing MRI improve accuracy of spine diagnosis?

weight bearing mri, open, inmotion, tiltable, joints, knee, hips, spine, neck, back
  • OPEN INMOTION MRI is weight-bearing, this means the patient’s position becomes an integral part of the exam’s outcome. This is especially important for diagnosing musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Since the force of gravity generates bio-mechanical changes in anatomy, INMOTION MRI in a natural, stand-up position allows physicians to attain important additional information compared to traditional MRI.
  • Impressive image quality, studies reveal 20-30% larger or more frequent findings with WEIGHT-BEARING INMOTION MRI imaging than traditional non-weight bearing MRI.
  • The spine neurosurgeons utilize the unique data provided by these imaging advancements to perform their complex, minimally invasive spine surgeries. This optimizes patient outcomes with the smallest incision possible.

**The Spine Nevada MRI scheduling team will work with each individual to ensure the InMotion MRI is the right choice. Our support staff will request specific measurements of the patient to ensure the MRI is a good fit.

View 3D animations detailing SpineNevada's InMotion MRI

Open, Tilting, Weight Bearing MRI for Midline Cervical Herniation Presented by SpineNevada

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Open, Tilting, Weight Bearing MRI for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Presented by SpineNevada

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Open, Tilting, Weight Bearing MRI for Lumbar Disc Herniation Presented by SpineNevada

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