Dr. James Lynch presented on how weight-bearing MRIs can improve patient care

stand up weight bearing MRI for spine imaging in Reno, Nevada

During a January 21, 2021 webinar hosted by Becker's Healthcare and in sponsorship with Esaote, Dr. James Lynch presented on the benefits of weight-bearing (also known as stand-up MRI or Inmotion MRI) for the patient experience.

Four hightlights from the webinar include:

1) Weight-bearing MRIs reproduce patient symptoms and provide pictures in real-time, according to Dr. Lynch. Spine Nevada uses an advanced imaging platform to access instability through spinal motion in conjunction with Esaote G-Scan Brio MRIs. Most spinal hardware can be scanned with little or no metal artifact, and the technology allows for full-capability viewing through PACS.

2) Weight-bearing MRIs combined with vertebral motion analysis can improve clinical outcomes without increasing the cost of operations. Dr. Lynch provided the example of how the InMotion weight-bearing G-Scan MRI can reveal about 30 percent more significant abnormalities on the images compared to supine imaging. Patients and physicians are able to better understand the etiology of dynamic symptoms.

3) Open-concept, weight-bearing MRIs improve patient experience and satisfaction. Normally, patients are stressed for MRIs, Dr. Lynch explained, which can be mitigated with a higher level of technology and more relaxing environment.

4) "I think this is the trend of the future: outpatient, nice accessibility and lower cost," Dr. Lynch concluded.

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View Dr. Lynch's presentation on Weight-bearing and Inmotion MRI benefits for spine patient care here.






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