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Meet the SpineNevada Radiology Team

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Meet the SpineNevada Radiology Team (L-R): Tom, Jacque, Vanessa, Dr. Stefan Franciosa, Kandice, Sarah, Meghan, and Ed

Are you confused by the various acronyms related to imaging and diagnostics? Acronyms can include MRI, CT, X-RAY, VMA and U/S. Do you wonder what it all means? In short, each of these acronyms are used to describe highly specific diagnostic radiological studies used in assessing disease.

A common question that consumers may ask about diagnostics is how can motion during the imaging process improve the diagnosis of a spine condition? Instability occurs when vertebral bodies slip. When this happens, nerves can be impinged, which can lead to symptoms, such as pain. Some instability occurs only during spine motion or bending. When bending, sitting or standing triggers instability, it can be painful. Inaccurate diagnosis can occur if a patient avoids painful positions during testing because the imaging may not show instability is present.

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The human body is designed for movement. Whether it is walking, climbing, running, bending, lifting, or swimming, these are all movements the body is designed for. Equally, movement is important in obtaining accurate diagnosis of spine conditions. Here’s why. In traditional spine diagnostics that involve bending, it may be natural for the patient to “guard” during the testing because it’s painful. When a patient avoids painful positions during testing, the imaging may not show instability is present and therefore an inaccurate diagnosis may occur. Diagnostic accuracy is crucial for treating spine conditions and helping patients return to functional, symptom-free lives.

SpineNevada’s InMotion Diagnostics offers the most advanced imaging platform in the nation to assess instability through spinal motion. The radiology services include the InMotion MRI (weight-bearing and tiltable), Vertebral Motion Analysis (VMA) and Digital / Dynamic X-rays. The open and tilting design of the InMotion MRI is an innovative way of doing MRI in which the position of the patient becomes an integral part of the exam outcome. This advanced open architecture MRI scanner can also image many different joints (e.g. hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists and ankles). Vertebral Motion Analysis detects double the rate1 of lumbar radiographic instability as compared to traditional flex-ex testing. Learn more about Spine Nevada's real-time x-ray here.

How can SpineNevada's MRI, Real-time X-rays (Vertebral Motion Analysis) and Digital X-rays improve spine care?

  • OPEN INMOTION MRI is weight-bearing, this means the patient’s position becomes an integral part of the exam’s outcome. This is especially important for diagnosing musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Since the force of gravity generates bio-mechanical changes in anatomy, INMOTION MRI in a natural, stand-up position allows physicians to attain important additional information compared to traditional MRI.
  • Impressive image quality, studies reveal 20-30% larger or more frequent findings with WEIGHT-BEARING INMOTION MRI imaging than traditional non-weight bearing MRI.
  • In contrast to traditional "bending x-rays” which can result in the patient “guarding” due to painful bending, VERTEBRAL MOTION ANALYSIS assists patients through the complete spine bend, helping to avoid the “guarding”.
  • The high-end DIGITAL X-RAY platform at SpineNevada allows high quality images with low x-ray exposure to the patient.
  • The spine neurosurgeons utilize the unique data provided by these imaging advancements to perform their complex, minimally invasive spine surgeries. This optimizes patient outcomes with the smallest incision possible.

“Our center decided over 10 years ago that in order to improve patient care of spine conditions, we needed a multidisciplinary approach that emphasized conservative treatment first,” Dr. James Lynch, the founder of SpineNevada explains. “Our goal is to help patients get back to everyday activities. Understanding how important and complex it can be to provide accurate and timely spinal diagnosis­ — this prompted Spine Nevada to offer advanced diagnostic services under the spine center umbrella. With our comprehensive center in Sparks, we are redefining spine care by offering more services — including diagnostics, radiology, physical therapy, injection therapy — under one roof. This saves patients time and speeds feedback to referring primary care providers,” emphasizes Dr. Lynch.

The SpineNevada Minimally Invasive Spine Institute facility is located in Sparks at Vista Boulevard and Prater Way (780 Vista Blvd., Suite 100.)

Unique to Nevada, SpineNevada’s InMotion Diagnostics is the first to include InMotion MRI and Vertebral Motion Analysis. The InMotion MRI at SpineNevada is the G-Scan Brio by Esaote and specifically designed to offer the highest level of examination of musculoskeletal conditions. Vertebral Motion Analysis (VMA) measures spine motion to test for instability and is the first new quantitative spine imaging test in over 75 years. InMotion Diagnostics also includes conventional and dynamic X-rays.

Learn more about Vertebral Motion Analysis, Open InMotion MRI, Digital X-rays

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Open, Tilting, Weight Bearing MRI for Midline Cervical Herniation Presented by SpineNevada

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Open, Tilting, Weight Bearing MRI for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Presented by SpineNevada

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Open, Tilting, Weight Bearing MRI for Lumbar Disc Herniation Presented by SpineNevada

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