Meet Ms. Jennifer Stroshine APRN

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Jennifer Stroshine, APRN
Nurse Practitioner

Jennifer has been an active professional in the Reno/Sparks area for close to 20 years. In 2018, Jennifer was honored with the Best Nurse in Reno award by the International Nurses Association.

Jennifer worked as an APRN for 9 years and prior to that worked as a bachelors prepared RN for 10 years. She earned both of her professional degrees locally at Orvis School of Nursing, UNR. Jennifer has practiced as a Family Practice APRN for most of the last 9 years, most recently in an integrative environment focusing on patient health through the practice of naturalistic medicine in collaboration with mainstream medicine.

Jennifer has a passion to assist patients in achieving their best health and health outcomes through education, guidance, and building a therapeutic environment with each patient. She also gained knowledge and experience in Neurology, Sleep disorders, and Pain management during the last 9 years as well. Jennifer has worked as a preceptor to those students currently in training at Orvis school of nursing. As a Bachelors prepared RN, she specialized in psychiatric nursing with emphasis on pediatric and adolescents, as well as detox. Jennifer also worked at Washoe County School District with special needs students, and as an advocate for student healthcare in the school system.








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